Every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 2 p.m. from the Interpretation Center.
An interpretative walk along the boardwalk with visits to the Interpretation Center and the Jacob A. Crocker Heritage House. Our guide will share talks on the Lobster Sanctuary and Capelin Spawning in our cove. Find out how the sea, not only provides for our community, but has also taken away from us.  A local fishermen will display the actual splitting and salting of a cod fish as well as cutting of cod tongues, cod cheeks, and the ears.  Learn about our heritage and culture, both past and present!!!


Every Tuesday Evening beginning at 8 p.m. at the Interpretation Center.
Hosted by Traditional singer Anita Best 
Join us at the Trout River Interpretation Center for an evening of local music, dance, storytelling, riddles, jokes and much more!!! Our scheduled events are as follows:
July 7th –Folk Singer Jeff Quilty
July 14th –Accordion Player Daniel Payne. Daniel also plays the tin whistle, flute, and   bodhran.
July 21st –Performer Matthew Byrne
July 28th- Performer Dave Penny
Aug 4th – Performer Shirley Montague
Aug 11th –The Sharecoppers
Aug 18th- Traditional Singer, flute player, tunesmith and song writer Nuala Kennedy & Irish Singer (guitar, bouzouki, vocals) Eamon O’Leary
Aug 25th – Performer Jim Payne & Fergus O’Brien
Sept 1st- Hosted by Mike Madigan
“Passing Time Arts Festival” Workshop
July 6th & July 13th – Guitar Workshop with Mike Madigan