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Town of Trout River
P.O. Box 89
Trout River, NL
A0K 5P0

Telephone: (709) 451 5376
Facsimile: (709) 451 2127

Mayor:                Gloria Barnes
Deputy Mayor:   Viola Parsons
Councilors:         Gordon Barnes
                           Nelson Barnes
                           Horace Crocker
                           Helen Harris
                           Tania (Tina) Crocker

8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. We visited Trout River last year at this time when we spent a week hiking and sight-seeing in Gros Morne.

    Trout River was my favourite place – beautiful as is the Gros Morne area and most of Newfoundland.

    We had a great time and look forward to returning.

  2. I was born and raised in Trout River to parents Kevin and Lily Brake, I grew up as Melvin Brake, not knowing I was really a crocker ,( that’s how the christened me,) that’s why the different name , anyway looking at some of the photos of our village sure do bring back memories, the one from out in the cove showing the town is an exceptional shot. I tell people a lot that it is one of the prettiest places on earth. The one view that as always stood out in my mind is being up on the top of the hill and being on the ridge before the road got changed, in the spring watching the big icebergs float by.,seeing that live was a magnificent sight,,, As a child growing up there I thought it was absolutely beautiful… Imagine how new commers would react to that.. Comments like this could be an advantage to tourist ads.Just a thought.. Keep Trout River beautiful,, Its come a long way since I was a child there. PS ..Keep up the good work

  3. Hello! I am an outdoor guide, co-author or Hikes of Western Newfoundland ( and avid hiker and I just noticed your site has a trails section! I am very happy to see this and would like to include this link on my blog “Outdoors & On the Go with Katie B” where I share about trails I hike, gear reviews, and generally anything related to outdoors in western Newfoundland.

    It would be excellent if your Trails page could be finished for summer 2015, if this is a volunteer thing, I would be happy to provide brief trail descriptions of Trout River Pond trail, Overfalls trail, East Point Trail, and Green Gardens (plus other I may not know about) with the town/website in trade for credit of descriptions and photos and a link of my blog on your site.

    Let me know if this is of interest to whom ever is managing the site. Many thanks!

  4. Several years ago we visited Grosse Morne & subsequently a Fisherman’s Museum which was extremely informative. While there a very knowledgeable gentleman employee entertained us with his poem An Ode To A Cod which had most women & several men in tears, in sympathy for the demise of the cod fishery. I would like to obtain the words to that poem if at all possible or a contact to its source. Thank you.

  5. The last time I saw Roy Payne was at cousin dons , a club in Ontario. I was no more then 24 years old. The only way I can see him now is on my I pad. I would love to have his email address or his mailing address. He sure is a beautiful singer and I love his songs. Sandra Glabb is a beautiful singer also, she has a beautiful voice. I would sure love to hear back from you . Thank you so much.

  6. Hey, don’t forget to mention on your website that one of your greatest assets is….
    Roy Absalom Francis Payne, singer, songwriter from Trout River, NL,
    God bless!

  7. It was 55 years ago, this weekend, when two Anglican teachers, Bill Brafdley (later owner of Toyoto Dealership, St. John’s) and Bill Turner and I (then teaching at the Salvation Army school in Trout River) were caught in a snow storm up on the mountain. The road was narrow and the fdreezing snow on the pebbles were impossible to navigate. It was nighttime and we were returning from a quick trip home. Both Anglican teachers were from the Eastport arrea, I was from Gambo. Neither of us could afford a car, after all we only had six-weeks of summer school training and our salaries were around $100.00 per month in 1958. So the local nurse loaned us her car. Kind of her! Brave woman too I’d say! Loaning her car to three teenagers!

    There are other stories i could relate but will refrain at this time.

    I’d like to ask one question? Does your town have “readings” by writers or hopeful writers. I’ve done a lot of writing and I have a few stories I could read or tell at such an event. If yes is the answer to my questions can you provide me with more details?

    By the way, the pictures of Trout River are so overwhelming I had tears in my eyes. How I wish I could turn back the clock! There is a story there too but here is not the place and now is not the time.

    God bless all Trout River people and their extended families.

  8. My family and I spent the day in Trout River, July 30. It was fabulous !! We were in Gros Morine for 3 days… On Tuesday we enjoyed Marsha’s interpretive tour along the boardwalk, “Waves over waves”, this should not be missed. We had a great meal at Seaview and then we were entertained at “Passing the Time in Trout River” with Anita and Matthew Bryne. Thank you for a special day and sharing your piece of Newfoundland. We will treasure this.

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